Lapis Lazuli, properties and meaning

Lapis Lazuli, properties and meaning

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Lapis Lazuli, properties and meaning of this precious stone. Chemical formula, composition and lots of useful information.

Lapis lazuli, chemical formula

Let's start with a littlechemistryso to describeWhat are these "precious stones". There chemical formula generic is this:

(NaCa)8[SO4 / S / Cl) 2 / (AlSiO4)6] + Fe

It is on his sidechemical formulawhich shows the composition of thisPrecious stone. Lapis lazuli is made up of a high concentration oflazuriteassociated with other minerals such as calcite and pyrite inclusions.

For hischemical formula, many point to thelazuritejust like a variety oflapis lazulibut actually lazurite is the main component oflapis lazuliand has chemical formula:

Na3Ca (Al3Yes3OR12) S

It is not easy to say how much the cost per gram or per kg of lapis lazuli can be. The economic value of thelapis lazuli, in fact, it is determined by various factors:

  • any processing
  • achievable degree of polishing
  • color intensity

When the pyrite exceeds, thelapis lazulihas a lower cost. The lighter compounds are those of lesser value. Generally speaking, we can say that the more intense and uniform blue lapis lazuli is, the higher its economic value is. Always generalizing, we can say that thecost for one kg of lapis lazuliit is just over 100 euros.

Lapis Lazuli and Crystal Therapy

Therecrystal therapyis an alternative medicine practice that exploits the alleged properties of minerals.

I used the termallegedcertainly not to belittle this practice, just because to date there is no valid scientific evidence attesting topropertyand the benefits exerted by crystals on the mental or physical health of man.

The crystals, in fact, should restore physical, emotional and mental balance and harmony.

The lapis lazuliin Buddhism it is considered one of the seven treasures and symbolizes self-consciousness.

Lapis Lazuli and chakras

Fifth chakraVishudda("Throat").
Thelapis lazuliis considered aspirit stone,able to amplify and enhance intuition and psychic abilities, including clairvoyance.

As it is a stone of a spiritual nature, it vibrates well with thefifth chakra. It improves creativity, generates clarity and overview, improves empathy, depth of thought and intuition.

Hismeaningis transparency: thelapis lazuliit is a crystal connected to truth because it allows you to speak without betraying the true nature of your heart.

Lapis Lazuli, properties and meaning

The spiritual nature of this stone makes it perfect for those who want to enhance their ownself-awareness. Helps develop deep faith, great conviction and self-confidence.

It can be a welcome gift for those who have to make an important decision. Themeaning of lapis lazuliit also lies inlighting: it is called the stone of enlightenment because it would make it possible to instantly understand the spiritual world and one's path.

For its colordeep blue, thelapis lazuliis related to the elementwater. It is linked to the sphere of emotions and femininity.

It is the bearer ofreconciliation, love, compassion, healing, insights and empathy.

As regards thebeneficial propertieslinked to the physical plane, thelapis lazuliit is linked to the well-being of the thyroid, throat, immune system, nervous system and respiratory system.

Just like theamethyst, also wear thelapis lazuliit would keep annoying headaches related to stress and emotional burdens away.

In India thelapis lazuliis known for the power ofimprove eyesight, and not just the third eye of the spiritual sphere.

Vishudda Chakra

To make the most of theproperties of lapis lazuliits best shape should be that of a circle.

The circle symbolizes the throat chakra it represents the place of emptiness and silence that must be crossed in order to reach knowledge. Thelapis lazulican lead on this path ofprimordial self-awarenessallowing theawakeningthrough thevibrations produced.

The same vibrations would be able to protect againstanger, anger and hasty decisions.

On the market there are not rare pendants, earrings or other jewelry made inlapis lazuli. The ideal would be to purchase a jewel to keep near the throat.

When choosing, the experts ofcrystal therapyrecommend taking a polished lapis lazuli with a shape that can resemble that of a circle in reference tothroat chakra.

Among the various products on the market, for histriple circle, I point out the lapis lazuli lucky pendant proposed on Amazon at the price of 25.99 euros and free shipping costs. For all information on the jewel just mentioned, I refer you to the page:HisingFu lucky charm pendant.

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