Hip pain: symptoms

Hip pain: symptoms

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There are many reasons that can underlie a hip pain and even a thousand types of hip pain. It is therefore difficult to make a diagnosis and this article it is not a guide to a do-it-yourself diagnosis. There are doctors who know how to do their job and we need to contact them if we feel pain in the hip. These following lines are an overview of the problem, informative but not curative!

Hip pain: causes

There are several causes related to the appearance of a hip pain which often occurs as a result of trauma or due to chronic injuries from subsequent use. Sometimes there may also be cases of hip fractures, above all in elderly people or people who have very fragile bones suffering from osteoporosis.

Hip pain: symptoms

The hip pain it is ... a pain in that position and without a doubt even if the causes are perhaps trivial and not worrying, it is a disorder that bothers and can also create problems in daily activities. If the hip pain has just started and it doesn't take our breath away, we can wait to see how it develops and if it passes, if it persists or is unbearable, it is better to go to a orthopedic specialist in hip problems, in order to identify the origin as soon as possible and initiate adequate therapy.

Hip and groin pain

When hip pain is also felt in the groin, it may be a joint problem: a contracture, a traumatic dislocation. If the person suffering from it is elderly, most of the time it is osteoarthritis. If, on the other hand, the pain appears suddenly and is immediately acute, it could also be an infection or inflammatory arthritis.

If instead of in the groin, the hip pain comes to the thigh and knee, then better investigate other causes together with the doctor who follows us.

Hip pain at night

The hip pain it can appear even at night, not letting us sleep, and then diminish during the day, so much so that it doesn't even disturb. It is important in this case understand if tendons are involved or if our posture during the hours of sleep is not correct and leads us to keep muscles or joints under tension in an unnatural way. In the long run painful.

Hip pain when walking

Sometimes you walk, and the pain gradually passes, other times it pops up and then disappears when you stop. In the second case, it could be bursitis or tendonitis of the gluteus medius. Other possible causes are congenital dysplasia, disc disease with sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis.

Hip pain in young people

Not only the seniors suffer from hip painThis disorder can also affect young people, but the causes are different in most cases. In young people, when the hip hurts, it is because the cartilage that protects it has worn down.

This soft and smooth fabric allows the bones to slide against each other without generating friction, acting as a cushion. The problems that can lead young people to suffer from hip pain are childhood hip dysplasia, the Perthes disease, the femoro-acetabular conflict, the ischemic necrosis. In the worst cases, even tumors.

Hip pain: natural remedies

THE natural remedies for hip pain they can be effective if the causes do not require medical treatment. It is always good to consult your doctor before starting a do-it-yourself treatment with natural remedies. However, there are natural actions that prevent the hip pain such as avoiding being overweight, taking correct postures and a balanced diet. Very physical exercise never too violent but regular and an occasional check on the back and muscles.

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