Internet addiction: symptoms and tests

Internet addiction: symptoms and tests

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Internet addiction, an "evil" of the modern era and difficult to define. Sometimes embarrassing because you risk ending up being labeled as retrograde or rigid. Of those who want to oppose the wave of innovation that can giving new well-being to humanity. Not so: internet addiction is understood as a true addiction, like the one into which alcoholics or heroin addicts fall. An addiction that hurts, that enslaves. Not that internet addiction intended as when you realize that we would not know how to orient ourselves without the map app we have on our mobile.

Do one diagnosis of internet addiction it is therefore more delicate than ever and there are no clinical tests that can unquestionably tell us if we suffer from it or not, it is up to us to decide and understand if we are too conditioned to be able to navigate on the net or not.

In the field of mental health, there has been an explicit mention of this modern form of addiction, defined as internet addiction, for years. retomania or also Internet Addiction Disorder (I.A.D.).

Internet addiction: symptoms

THE symptoms of internet addiction they are quite easy to guess: you end up living by continuing to browse or connect, to consult the web without ever being able to give yourself a break.

It is important, since there is no drawn border, to understand which are the psychopathologies predisposing and behaviors to be considered at risk, and also the psychopathological potential of the Net, in which we must not fall into a trap.

Often suffer from this addiction are people who already show precarious emotional stability or who suffer from depression, bipolar or even obsessive-compulsive disorders. Internet becomes a way to overcome, resolve or replace personal relationships, to overcome insecurities and paranoia, lack of self-esteem.

Internet addiction: young people

Also because they were born in a world where the internet was already very present, young people they would be more at risk of internet addiction compared to those who belong to other generations. From a certain point of view it is logical, but there is also the other side of the coin. Always the young, show themselves more "sgam" faced with some pitfalls of the net because they were born already navigators. They are in fact noticeable many over 70 who let themselves be seduced by the web because something new and unimaginable when they were young.

Returning to adolescents a risk of internet addiction, it is very important to establish a dialogue with them without starting to ban at random and to open conflict.

Useless force them to completely disconnect from the internet, today it would be unlikely to succeed and could lead to damage. It is important to educate them to use this tool in a balanced way by trying to make them understand that “Staying human” even online is essential. And it's even more fun.

As parents, it is a delicate issue but one that cannot be ignored, there are also numerous initiatives that can help those who are not practical, to know the mechanisms of the network and social networks so as not to be unprepared when facing the issue of internet addiction with their children. Cultivating real life is the best way to prevent internet addiction, ever since the children are small. It pays to break away from the pc, because life is off the screen and there are a thousand ways to prove it.

Internet addiction: test

In the absence of clinical exams, there are useful online tests and questionnaires that can help those who suspect they suffer from internet addiction to understand to what extent is he addicted. They are self-assessment, but they are an excellent step to become aware of one's quality of life and the relationship we have with the net.

Internet and video game addiction

Also video games can fascinate us to the point of making us dependent on them. And if once upon a time they were tetris and pacman, the tempters, today other characters are. Two milestones remain, but today's video games are captivating and very engaging, are more interactive and, by playing them online, you become part of real communities. The risk is that these groups will replace "the company of friends ”true.

Internet addiction remedies and advice

Online self-help groups, initially widely used in America as a support, are not particularly effective in this regard. Better results are obtained with psychological therapies which must from time to time adapt to the conditions and motivations of the patient.

What leads a person to internet addiction can be shyness, pain, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, a sudden psychological trauma, an obsessive compulsive disorder ... More complex dynamics must be analyzed and an expert is needed to accompany us along the path. A reading for those who want to start approaching the topic is “Internet addictions. Adolescents and adults ”by Raffaella Perrella and Giorgio Caviglia.

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